Great taste now meets the highest level of animal welfare certification. We made history by being the first and only program in all of Latin America to be GAP 4 Certified.

Our animals live in the safe and enriched environment of spacious open outdoor pastures. They are never in feedlots and maintain healthy vegetarian diets (no animal by-products). The result is the freshest, highest quality of grass-fed beef – free of added hormones, free of antibiotics and full of flavor and goodness.

Our Patagonian Mission

The freshest beef delivered to you from the ancient Patagonian prairies overflowing with the lushest grasses and tended with our caring tradition of raising pure pasture raised and grass finished cattle.

We work with our farmers on healthy soil management practices.


We want to keep the land in its pure and ancient state.


We want to preserve Patagonia to be as fresh as how we found it.



Our branded program is unique, sustainable and understandable: straight from the lush and pristine prairies, meadows and valleys of Patagonia we offer 100% pure grass fed, finished and pasture raised beef and lamb. No antibiotics are ever used and no added hormones. 


We can offer both fresh and frozen - it's your choice! We have a complete program for all your needs and our pricing is competitive!

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